5 Tips for Directory Submission

August 20th, 2008

There are many web directories out there. Some of them are paid directories and some are free directories. Both will give you the backlinks you want. To submit your website to directories is not easy like you think. You need an effort, time, money (if you choose to submit to paid directories), and ready to get rejected if you neglected the guidelines. So here are my tips on how to submit your websites to directories.

1. Paid directories or free directories

As we know, both will give us the backlinks to our website. The only difference is we need to pay some amount of money for paid directories. It depends on you to choose. Usually paid directories have good quality of links and have good PR on their inner pages. That is why they can charge you for each link you submitted.

But if you don’t have money or don’t like to pay just to have a link to a web directory, you can choose free directories. Some require you to put a reciprocal link on your website and some are not. For me, I will choose free directories which do not require putting a reciprocal link. There are many free directories which give free submission. At the end of this entry, I have listed some of web directories that give you free submission without reciprocal link.

2. Choose the right category

After you have chosen which directories you want to submit, you need to choose the right category for your website. Don’t just submit your link at the top category level. Usually directory owner will reject top category submission because only featured links are allowed to be there. But it is still depend on the guidelines though. I will explain about the guidelines after this. To be safe, find suitable category for your website and submit.

Here is an example. Let say you want to submit a technology blog. So find Blog category and choose Technology from the list. But if there is no Technology category, choose other appropriate category. Computer category will do. But make sure that the category is related to your website.

3. Follow the guidelines

Each directory has their own guidelines. It is really crucial to read the guidelines before you filling the form. Some directory owners love to write long list of what to do and what not to do. You need to read the guidelines carefully. Some directories only accept English websites. Some only accept domain names. So better you read the guidelines first. You don’t want to get rejected, would you?

4. Meaningful title and description

After you have read the guidelines, it is time to fill the submission form. In title form, it is better to put your website’s name. Don’t put anything other than that. Let say your website title is “Malaysia Tech Blog”, so write it into the form. Don’t use other keyword like “The best Malaysia Tech Blog”, “Please visit Malaysia Tech Blog”. It does not mean anything. In fact, you might be get rejected once the directory owner see the title. If the directory owner does not mention in the guidelines, it is ok to have that. But for me, it is better to stick with your website title.

Description is optional in almost web directories. But I prefer to put my website description to let people get a brief idea about my website. Some web directories allow you to write about 500 words, some only give you 30 words. You need to write your website description correctly. The uppercase-lowercase use must be correct. The number of words count must be less than the allowed number.

Then, enter your URL, your name and email. Make sure your email is correct because web directories will send you an email to inform you if your link is approved or rejected. We need this information for the next tip.

5. Make a list

After you have submitted your link to a web directory, copy the website link into a text editor or Excel. Why do we need this? Well, it is to make sure that you will not submit your website to the same directory twice.

You will get an email from the directory if your link is accepted or rejected. Use the information given to your list. If your website is accepted, tick the directory link in your list. If it got rejected, cross the directory from the list.

With the list you have, you can use it to submit your other websites. Find which directory has accepted your website and submit another websites to the directory. But it is better to have different list for different website you submitted. It is more organizeable.
Free Web Directories

Below is the list of free web directory which has accepted my submissions. All of them are free and need no reciprocal at the time I write this. I will update the list if I found more free web directories with no reciprocal link.

Last Update: 8th April 2008

  1. theforgottenlinks.com
  2. www.01us.com
  3. www.1ra.org
  4. www.2i2.org
  5. www.3bbc.com
  6. www.3e1.org
  7. www.3gym.com
  8. www.7z0.net
  9. www.aokdirectory.com
  10. www.axdirectory.com
  11. www.barhite.net
  12. www.blurbblogdirectory.info
  13. www.direct4u.info
  14. www.directory4.net
  15. www.directoryimpulse.com
  16. www.directorymove.com
  17. www.directoryrank.net
  18. www.fastapprovals.info
  19. www.g7x.net
  20. www.hyperdirectory.net
  21. www.ipeerx.com
  22. www.joeymazzola.com
  23. www.la-ma.org
  24. www.linkocafe.com
  25. www.m6u.net
  26. www.millionsdirectory.com
  27. www.o1g.net
  28. www.o1w.net
  29. www.o6d.net
  30. www.qatelier.com
  31. www.reliancedir.com
  32. www.sabwebdirectory.com
  33. www.seo-quality.com
  34. www.simplysassydesigns.com
  35. www.tebaboom-directory.com
  36. www.thedirectory.com.ar
  37. www.toptenontheweb.com
  38. www.trimiko.com
  39. www.urlmoz.com
  40. www.uustuff.com
  41. www.web-bin.com
  42. www.webdmoz.com
  43. www.welldonedirectory.com
  44. www.wldirectory.com
  45. www.w17w.com
  46. www.w4directory.com
  47. www.w6o.net
  48. www.w8f.net
  49. www.wisear.com
  50. www.xigcl.com
  51. www.yourjoker.com
  52. www.z0a.net
  53. www.zendirectory.com.ar
  54. www.zlinkmart.com

Third place for this site: Get RM30

August 20th, 2008

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August 20th, 2008

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What are the prizes?
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